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Subject:Livejournal Moved
Time:08:26 am
For those devoted few who have been reading my personal livejournal,
all entries have moved to http://yourvillage.blogspot.com (still under construction).
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Subject:The Programmer's Stone
Time:10:54 pm
A project in the UK, initially meant to explain why some people are good at programming and some not, developed into a psychological classification of individual mindsets. This article is well worth reading and really exposes the idiocy of our current education system in the US.

The two classifications are "packers" and "mappers". The following is a brief description of both:


An individual that treats information as unique and disparate facts, and "stacks" them like plates in their head. Packers are good at trivia and social etiquette, but cannot connect these facts together and treats information as either right or wrong.


An individual that treats information as part of an always evolving mental world view. Mappers are good at designing systems (ie, architecture, programming, writing, philosophy) and simplifying existing ones but have issues with memorization and following orders (especially when those orders are not understood or considered unjustifiable).

The article clearly indicates that both packer and mapper mentality are needed in the world, but all too often, packer mentality is encouraged and mapper mentality discouraged. Instead of encouraging imagination (a mapper trait), often conformity (a packer trait) is encouraged. So that the emphasis in mathematics, for example, is more on memorization and not the concepts behind the math. What is the result of "5 * 2" instead of "there are five people who each have two pencils."

Are you a mapper or a packer? How do you know?
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Subject:Upheavel around the world
Time:10:52 pm
First, the economic reforms in China.
Then, the protests in the Ukraine and Georgia.
Now, the protesters in Lebanon may have finally motivated Syria to withdraw it puppet government and military.

But at the same time, over 30 Iraqi civilians died in Iraq today from suicide bombers; Russia is still in a downward slide away from Democracy; and China has all but guaranteed a swift military response to official succession from Taiwan.

  • Is "freedom on the march"?

  • What can the rest of the world learn from these events?

  • What responsibilities should other nations share with these countries?

  • Which is more important a force, the US or the UN?

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Subject:The Reality of Government
Time:08:57 am
There was an interesting quote that I found reading http://www.tompaine.com. Supposedly, a Bush advisor told reporter Ron Suskind last year, that he was apart of the "reality-based community" and then added:
We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality...we'll act again, creating other new realities...

Regardless of this quote's source, interesting questions arise:
  • Is this true of the US Government and other governments in the world?

  • Do they create our reality and we are forced to adhere to it?

  • Or is Truth (Reality) fixed and unchangeable?
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Subject:Church vs. State
Time:12:19 pm
After the recent US Supreme Court presentation, the question has again raised its ugly head.

  • Should the US government or any government sponsor a religion?

  • What does it mean to "sponsor" a religion?

  • Does displaying the ten commandments of Moses constitute crossing the line between government and religion?

  • Does anyone except evangelicals care or is this something we must all come to grips with?

Let your voice be heard.
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Time:11:23 am
It is important when we discuss issues, especially those of a sensitive nature,that we use the correct terminology and understand the meaning of those words. This is meant as a beginning for future journal entries.




Official Budget

Social Order

Civil Liberties

Religious Practice
Libertarian F F F F F F
Liberal C C F F F F
Socialist C C C C C C
C = Controlled by the government
F = Free from government control

The term "Democrat" or "Republican" has very little meaning in the US, because there are conservative Democrats (which usually lean liberal) and liberal Republicans (which usually have conservative leanings). There are other terms which I will discuss in later journal entries. But let me introduce them now.

Neo-Conservative (Neocon)
Radical form of conservative believing in tight federal power, media disinformation, religion as "an opiate for the masses" and unbalanced budgets, so as to "strangle the beast" of big government.

Maverick Republican (Maverick)
Radical form of a Republican believing in economic conservatism but in social liberalism.

Evangelical Conservative (Evangelical)
Radical form of a conservative believing strongly in government sponsorship and enforcement of Christian religious practice and social conformance to Christian ideals.

Progessive Christian (Progressive)*
Radical form of a liberal believing in government sponsorship of Christian ideals, but a "hands-off" approach to government when it comes to Christian practice and enforcement.

*Most progressives are Christian, but believe in multi-pluralism regarding religious practice. There is a belief in common values across religious/cultural boundaries.
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Subject:Welcome to your village.
Time:11:06 am
A place for open discussion. A place for freedom. No moderation. All real people. This is an attempt at rediscovering discussion and debate.

Learning, not yelling at each other.
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[icon] the village
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 7 entries.